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Our leather watch strap use the world's finest materials with over 30 years experience handcraft that make your watch band looks eye catching!

To recall how my Leather watch straps or watch bands accessories business start then it should trace back when I was age of 10. I grew up in a perfect family, my dad is a very experience in making handmade leather product. He got more than 50 years of experience and since the first day that I born in this world, I smell and live with leathers and I always think those leather goods idea are already in my blood.

His professionalism is to come up leathers goods from scratch, those leather goods includes leather watch band, leather handbag, leather wallet, keychain.....what it means is start from design a leather goods, sourcing the materials and make it become a real product. In the ages of 70's, it's an non-digital age and computer is not widely use, I feel so amazing that my dad can come up the prototype by hand ONLY and he draw my attention on what he's doing everyday when I got back home from school.

In the first day of my high school, my dad pass me the home key with his handmade keychain with my initial "D" engraved on it. He told me to keep the key in case there's no one home and I have to open the door myself. I still bring the keychain with me now and remind me there's a family member are waiting for you to go back home.

Starting from the day he pass me the keychain, I decided to learn from my dad on how to make a leather goods and decided to work as an leather craftsman for my future career. I first start to make some small accessories like key chain, watch strap, wallet and then move it to some big leather item like handbag. There are a lot of steps to follow and be aware of an I can't really remember all in the first place. At the very beginning, I made some leather accessories and the quality is really really bad and I'm pretty sure there's a lot of room to improve myself. I didn't give it up and just keep learn from my dad how he work everyday. However, as the times goes by.....I learn a bit and a bit and I am proud of myself that all the product that we deliver is neat and with a very good craftsmanship.

I always believe every leather piece have it's own story and I hope my product can bring you one of the precious memory in your life.

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